ZERO Tolerance Policy

We reserve the right to immediately end treatment with clients who are inappropriate, this includes the following:

  • rHaving an inappropriate genital based “reaction” during the treatment is not ok- your massage ends immediately. This reaction, regardless if it is involuntary is not appropriate for the therapeutic space we hold.
  • rClients are not to touch the RMT during the treatment, clients who do attempt to touch the therapist will be met with immediate police involvement
  • rClient are not to touch themselves inappropriately- subtle stroking is also inappropriate.
  • rClient are not to expose their genitals during the treatment through removing or lowering the linens
  • rClients are not to make suggestive/sexual or other inappropriate comments or requests directed towards the RMT
  • rWe will not tolerate inappropriate or offensive jokes/topics/conversations – that include and are not limited to sexual, racial, discriminatory, hate fueled, religious or politically driven
  • rWe will not tolerate verbal abuse to our RMTs or our phone staff, we have policies in place for a reason which you may not agree with, if you cannot respect the policies or our staff, we kindly ask you to remove yourself from the situation.
  • rIf you cannot be a mature, respectful person – you do not have a place at this clinic.

Contact Details

Abby Lane Health Centre
15331 16 ave, suite 310 (Floor 3)
Surrey, BC V4A 1R6
*Elevator Access


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