Cancellation Policy

Please be advised, our cancellation policy is as follows. $75 applicable fee for no shows & cancellation within 24hrs that we are not able to rebook.

You must cancel your massage reservation at least 24hr before your appointment; out of courtesy to our RMT’s and other clients. Last minute cancellations do not allow us to rebook the appointment time & as we have clients on our waitlist in pain and discomfort looking to secure a massage reservation.

Well before COVID-19, people have been cancelling their massage reservations last minute which is not fair to our RMT’s and clients.  RMT’s do not earn a pension at the end of their career nor do they receive salary. Without credit cards being held to protect our RMT’s earnings, RMT often face significant financial loss through the no shows and last-minute cancellations. Though people feel it is not fair to be charged for not coming to their appointment, many people are unaware that in a month alone, the cancellations & no shows that go uncharged add up each month. Our RMT’s understand scheduling conflicts and unforeseen circumstances arise however we see that people abuse the policy and our clients who are in genuine need of treatment miss out.

Due to how highly sought-after weekend appointments are, only clients with valid credit cards will be allowed to secure a reservation with our RMT’s. As we have 2 RMT’s offering identical treatment times this makes the appointments valuable to those looking to book a massage in a shared treatment room. Or in separate treatment room at the same time. Clients who abuse this policy will need to prepay the $75 fee to hold their reservation.

Our RMT’s care about the clients who enter the clinic seeking to find remedy through the therapeutic treatments, some of these individuals struggle with chronic pain that due to the nature of their condition require ongoing treatments to get through their day. While other clients come in to relax, it’s sometimes easy for those who do not struggle with pain to understand how much grief the no shows and cancellations that are within the 24hr’s cause for our clients in pain. Our RMT’s and staff are no different than anyone else with a career who requires to make ends meet. They too hold financial obligations. These are therapist that truly love what they do and we know their treatments reflect that. So, if you cannot honor their time or their clients time – please move aside to let another step forward that the RMT’s can help and who will value their time and effort.

If we are able to successfully rebook your massage reservation that you are requesting be cancelled you will be refunded if charged by end of business day. You will also be informed that the appointment has been successfully rebooked. Please note we cannot guarantee that the reservation will rebook though we will always seek to find someone who will be in need of the reservation using our waitlist.

Cancellation Card

Clients who do not want a credit card to be held on file may put $75 on a cancellation card for their JaneApp. This is not a physical card, but a card held online. This is held in the event of a no show or cancellation within 24hrs. If after your first massage reservation you do not wish to continue your treatments with us, we will refund your cancellation card if $75 is being held, in the same payment method that you applied for the cancellation card. Please note we do not accept cash as a form of payment at this time. If the $75 is used for a no show you will be required to put an additional $75 on your cancellation card for your next anticipated reservation. We cannot hold your reservation without a valid method of payment. This is a courtesy to other clients looking to secure a reservation with the RMTs.

Late arrivals

We always recommend arriving at least 5 mins prior to the appointment, this allows you to complete the questionnaire forms onsite as to why you are coming in for a massage. If at all possible, please complete the required forms on our online platform, this also allows for a faster intake.  If you happen to arrive late for your appointment you will only receive the remaining time of the massage. Unfortunately, your RMT cannot extend the treatment time as they must prepare for their next client.

Treatment length

Our treatment time is 55 mins with a brief intake to determine what you require for your treatment, but not limited to orthopedic assessments to determine the nature of your concern if such a concern is brought forth. In order to get you on the table as quickly as possible we recommend being as concise with your explanations and answering as possible to maximize your treatment time. We aim to efficiently transition from health info intake to hands on treatment as promptly as we can.


If for whatever reason you need to reschedule any appointment you may do so thru the JaneApp website on the account you have set up. Please note that you will always be sent a text notification in 3 steps, 1 week prior to your massage, 48 and 24hrs prior to your massage. If at any time during these notifications that you noticed a conflict in your schedule, please cancel your appointment and notify the clinic.  You can choose whether you wish to have a text or email notification for your appointments- please check your junk and spam inbox for notifications. You are entirely responsible for your appointment and you should ensure you are able to receive email or text notifications, any no shows will be charged. Sorry, there are no exceptions.

Requesting RMT treatment notes

Insurance companies/Adjusters requesting copies of treatment notes will be required to pay a $70 fee for the therapist time. Clients who require their RMT to reach out to their Primary care physician to provide substantial reason to believe that the client in question requires further time off work, will be required to pay a $25 administration fee.

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