Commitment to Inclusivity

We are committed to providing a safe & inclusive environment for our clients and RMT’s.

As we change as a society our universal goal is to be respectful and accepting of each person’s ethnic background, religious/spiritual practices and beliefs, gender equality, equal pay for women and those within the LGBTQIAS2+ communities and all with physical limitations. We believe everyone has the right to feel respected and heard in life and within the treatment space. As we navigate these times, it’s important to give a sacred space to all those who wish to be heard and to value each person and their unique journey. Without attack and without judgement.

We do not discriminate and will strive to provide the best treatment for your specific goals, respecting your concerns and boundaries. Please never hesitate to let us know how we can make you feel more comfortable.

In our industry we also see discrimination and prejudice towards our male therapist because of their gender. We see fear and homophobia when only men are available on the booking schedule as people prefer female therapist. People would rather forgo treatment than see a male who is a professional individual with identical training as their female colleagues.
As we fight for equal pay for women and for women to be respected in careers normally dominated by men (plumbing, welding, electrician etc.) It is only fair to ask people to challenge their fears and assumptions about male RMT’s and men in other industries (nursing, male kindergarten teachers). These are people who want to help those in their care and can face financial difficulties simply due to bias.

We cannot ask for change in our culture if we are selective with our choices and neglect to ask or ignore change needed in other areas. This allows us to uphold our beliefs that outright and indirectly harm others. (Men are too strong to provide a relaxing gentle massage, men will judge my body, only my husband has touched me, he will want to see me naked, I can’t have a man make me feel good- I’m not gay, I can’t trust men, guys should stick to fixing things & leave the massages to the women, it’s nothing personal I just prefer a female therapist, we have the same body parts you know?)

We are dedicated to doing our part to make our society and our community a place of long-lasting change. Its more loving to come from a place of truth as we seek to better the space we hold.

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